How to refund a vendor payout

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Why refund vendor payouts?

In the case of returns or if an item has been marked as shipped but needs to be canceled but an invoice has already been raised you will need to refund the payment so that your vendor is not paid for the sale.

❗️ If the Invoice has not been paid it will remove it from the vendor's account. If the invoice has been paid it will create a negative balance in Jetti against the vendor's account.

Automatically refund vendor payouts

If you want vendor payments to be automatically refunded when you change the status of a  return/cancellation:

Go to Contacts > Vendor >  Payment Setup tab > Automated Payment Refunds > choose the status for when to process the vendor refund.


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Manually Refund Vendor Payouts

  1. Go to Sales > Returns
  2. Choose the Dropdown arrow at the end of the order
  3. Select Refund Vendor Payout
  4. Confirm you want to refund the vendor payout









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