Manually cancelling payouts

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Cancelling pending transfers

When you are paying your dropship provider automatically or manually, you may wish to cancel a pending or complete payment. For example, to prevent a payment being released if the commission values are incorrect. 

Payouts in Onport are referred to as "Transfers". A transfer can be made up of one or more invoices. For example, this is common is you are bundling multiple invoices under a single payment amount. 

To cancel a transfer, you'll first need to cancel the current transfer. You can find a list of Transfers under Contacts > Payments > Batch Transfers ( You can use the filters to find a transfer (e.g. filter by a dropship provider or status). 

Once you have found the transfer to cancel, select the checkbox next to it and press the "cancel" button in the toolbar.



Cancel payment for an order

Once the transfer is cancelled, you may want to take a 2nd step of stopping a future payment from occurring for any invoices in the transfer. Otherwise, if you have automated payments enabled, the invoices may just be raised again on the next payment window for the transfers you just cancelled. 

To do this, you can just zero out the invoice amount in the purchase order. Setting the price to 0. 




Cancelling pending payments

If you haven't yet initiated a transfer, you may wish to cancel a payment before it does get sent. To do this, you'll first need to locate the payment in the payment report for the dropship provider. From there, if you open the actions dropdown next to the relevant purchase, select the "cancel invoices" option. 




Selecting this will zero out the invoice, shipping costs and any associated landed costs for the purchase, removing it from the payments screen. You'll only be able to complete this action if no payments have yet been made for the purchase. 



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