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In this article, we describe how to integrate with an Etsy vendor. If your vendor has an Etsy store, Jetti can automatically sync products. 

Getting started

If your vendor is using Etsy, you can use Jetti to publish and automatically sync products. Tracking details can be entered by the vendor through a dropship portal, as Etsy doesn't currently allow orders to be synced.

To sync with Etsy, create a new dropship provider, and under the Orders tab, select Email / dropship portal. Then, connect a new inventory feed. You'll just need the username for the vendor. No additional authentication details are required.

You might also want to enable the Allocate inventory button. As Jetti doesn't sync orders with Etsy, this will reduce the inventory levels for items sold while the vendor is yet to confirm and shipped the items. This is useful to prevent overselling. Once items are shipped, vendors should reduce the inventory quantity within Etsy.

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