Allowing vendors to self-publish items

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In this article, we describe how to allow vendors to self-publish their items.

Getting started

If needed, you can set up your dropship portal so vendors can publish items directly to your online store.

If you operate a self-service model with your dropship vendors, you may want to set up your inventory feeds so that vendors can add, edit and publish items directly from the dropship portal:

  1. Set up an inventory feed for the dropship provider. This can be any feed type - you can even integrate with their online store if needed.

  2. Go to the settings page for the dropship provider. Under the inventory feeds section, there is the option to Allow dropship provider to publish items. This should be enabled. 

  3. Go to the dropship portal for the dropship provider and go to the inventory feeds section. Under the list of items in the feed, you should now see the option to Publish

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